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Aura Quartz Geodes - Gift Boxed - Pink.
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Aura Quartz Geodes - Gift Boxed - Pink

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Aura Quartz Cluster - Pink

A beautiful large gift boxed  Aura Geode in shades of pink & rainbow colours

It is often difficult to get accurate information about aura crystals & Geodes.
There are only a few of manufacturers worldwide that have the equipment necessary to produce them. Additionally, the cost of the precious metals involved in the process is constantly rising.
The high costs of production, coupled with the fact that there is a large percentage of breakage during the process (due to the extreme heat involved – up to 1600 degrees F), makes these somewhat rare clusters a desirable addition to any crystal collection.

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth.
Found in lots of  variety of geological environments and is a common component of almost every rock type.
It constitutes 12% of the earth’s crust, occurring in a wide variety of igneous, metamorphic & sedimentary rocks.
Our beautiful bright aura geodes are all created by bonding different metal vapours such as gold, titanium, platinum and also silver to natural organic quartz geodes.

Spirituality & Healing with Aura Geodes

Aura Quartz are a relatively new item in the world of healing crystals, they have already started quite a controversy because they are created through an artificial bonding process!
Aura Quartz  that has been coated in pure, 24k Gold.
The thin layer of Gold atoms on the surface of the Quartz would not generally be enough to use for healing purposes. However, the energy of the Quartz crystal enhances and amplifies the energy of the Gold to the extent that it can be successfully used for healing.

Quartz Geodes can be used on any chakra points because of its innate ability to harmonise energy flow and resonate on all frequencies.

Each piece of aura quartz Geode will be hand picked and will be total unique to you!
Price here is per half cut geode including a free black gift box & info card.
Approx sizes :5cm to 7cm by 3cm to 7cm
Gift box: 7.5cm by 7.5cm by 5cm
Colour - pinks in many shades.

Please Note:
Being a natural organic item the size & Shapes do vary a lot!
so if you would like our smallest, largest , dark or lightest piece or the most unusual shape then just put a note in the "message box" when you place your order or email or call first.

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