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Coronavirus Statement - Quality Face Masks & Sanitisers

We wanted to let you know we are all virus free here & have been from the start of the pandemic!

Enchanted-Earth HQ is in a very safe rural area with no other shops or houses nearby so risk of infection is very low indeed!

Our warehouse has three separate delivery, dispatch & storage areas not open to the public so the risk of any infection entering or leaving our premises is very low indeed!

We keep our premises scrupulously clean & all stock is unpacked on arrival disinfected and stored in airtight sealed boxes.

We have a good supply of quality reusable face masks & antibacterial vegan hand sanitisers available for sale, perfect for keeping safe in these uncertain times of the covid-19 vrius.

Very uncertain times with this dreadful virus so please be kind, look out for each other & offer each other help if needed - Stay Safe.

We offer :
FREE Loyalty Points on every item!
FREE UK shipping on all orders over £30

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