Fossil Trilobite - 4000 years old!.
Fossil Trilobite - 4000 years old!.
Fossil Trilobite - 4000 years old!.
Fossil Trilobite - 4000 years old!.
Fossil Trilobite - 4000 years old!.

Fossil Trilobite - 400 Million years old - 8cm

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4000 Million year old Trilobite.

A very interesting fossil.
These specimens usually have most of the exoskeleton intact.
For the price, we think these are some of the best Trilobite specimens you can find – they are a good size & have a good amount of detail.

Trilobites were among the early arthropods, a phylum of hard-shelled creatures with multiple body segments & jointed legs (although the legs, antennae and other finer structures of trilobites very rarely are preserved).

They constitute an extinct class  of arthropods, the trilobites are made up of over 150 families & about 5,000 genera & over 20,000 described species.

New species of trilobites are unearthed and described every year.
This makes trilobites the single most diverse class of extinct organisms, and within the generalized body plan of trilobites there was a great deal of diversity to the  size and form.

The smallest known trilobite species is under a millimeter long, while the largest include species from 30 to over 70cm in length (roughly a foot to over two feet long!).
With such a diversity of species and sizes, speculations on the ecology of trilnbites includes planktonic, swimming, and crawling forms, and we can presume they filled a varied set of tropic feeding niches although perhaps mostly as detritivores, predators, or scavengers.

Most trilobites are about an inch long, and part of their appeal is that you can hold and examine an entire fossil animal and turn it about in your hand. Try that with your average dinosaur!

Spirituality Healing with Trilobites.

These fossils have been thought to treat of disorders of the eyes, and to correct deficiencies in Vitamins, calcium, and iodine related to the thyroid gland.
They are also thought to assist in the improvement of fading eyesight.
Fossils are excellent in relation to the Base chakra and are believe to help relieve skeletal aches and pains.

Each Trilobite will be hand picked and total unique to you!
Price here is per 400 Million year old Trilobite.
Approx sizes :3.5cm to 9.5 by  3cm to 9cm
Please Note:
Being a natural organic item the sizes do vary, so if you would like our smallest, largest or a most unusual shape then just put a note in the "message box" when you place your order or email or call first.


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