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Large  26oz Scented Candle - Home For Christmas - Rum -Butter -Fresh Fruit Medley.
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Large 26oz Scented Candle - Home For Christmas - Rum -Butter -Fresh Fruit Medley

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Large 26oz Scented Candle - Home For Christmas

Premium Scented Large Jar Candle

Rum - Butter - Fresh Fruit Medley

The journey home for Christmas inspires its own special excitement – and is always rewarded.
Traditions and memories from years past come together with new surprises and the delights of the present.
his sentimental fragrance evokes the comforts of hearth and home with notes of warm rum, creamy butter and sweet fruit. This is the fragrance for that welcome home feeling.

These quality candles are made of pure rich vibrant food grade paraffin fragranced by the world's finest scented oils.
Large 26oz Glass Jar Candle
170 Hours of Fragrance
Contemporary Metal Lid
Slow Even Clean Burn
Two Cotton Wicks

Dual Wick Technology™ is a unique design that ensures a cleaner, more efficient burn, as well as a superior fragrance experience.
Each candle is crafted with a blend of natural food grade wax for a clean and safe burn.

Finest ingredients, partnering with fragrance artists who shared our passion for quality, risk taking, and bringing illuminating innovation to the craft.
Deeper, richer and more layered fragrance experiences.
Experiences to fill your home, and touch your world in every sense (and in every scent).

Village Candle strives to craft the best-fragranced candles with uncompromising quality, innovation and artistry. We meticulously mix and master our fragrances, using premium essential oils, and partner with the best perfumers in the world to achieve our vision for uniqueness.
Our crafting and blending process is thoughtful and comprehensive. 

  1. fragrances include pure essential oils and plant extracts from around the world to provide the finest quality fragrances.
  2. We use only food grade paraffin wax and wax blends.
  3. Our Dual Wick™ technology provides a slow even burn in the jar and enhanced fragrance release.

General Candle Safety and Burning Tips
  • Remove all packaging before lighting
  • Always place a burning candle or fragranced product on a stable, well-protected, heat-resistant surface
  • Keep all burning candles away from anything that is flammable or other heat sources
  • Always keep burning candle out of the reach of children and away from pets
  • Always remember to keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children
  • Trim wick as needed up to 1/4" before lighting
  • Extinguish your burning candle prior to trimming wicks, never trim burning wicks
  • Keep candle wax pool free from all wick trimmings, matches, debris or any combustible material
  • For candle safety and best results, use burning candles in draft free areas only
  • Always ensure wicks remain evenly centered in the wax pool while burning and cooling
  • Never leave burning candles unattended, keep them within sight at all times while lit
  • For even burn and maximum fragrance diffusion, always burn candles at least 3-4 hours at a time
  • Always leave at least approximately 2 “ (5 cm) between burning candles
  • Teach all family members candle burning and fragrance safety
  • Never dispose of candles until completely cooled
  • Always keep your face away from a burning candle or melted wax
  • Always use in accordance with safety and use instructions

Jar and Tumbler Candles

  • Never pick a jar candle up by the lid
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Always discontinue use of a candle when ¼” of wax remains in the bottom of the jar/ container
  • Do not allow the flame to touch the sides of glass or containers
  • Jars can become hot while burning, never touch or move a burning candle
  • Keeping away from drafts ensures flames do not touch the side of jars/containers.
  • Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets
  • Always extinguish flames carefully before replacing candle lids
  • Never use any lid to extinguish the flames of a burning candle
  • Always allow the candle wax to pool entirely, this ensure proper burning for the life of candle
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