Lemax Collection (Spooky Town & Christmas Village)

Lemax Holiday Villages & Miniature Gardens

Start a family tradition with our new Lemax Village Collection!

Lemax decorative items are a real holiday tradition.
Beginning in 1990, Lemax has been at the forefront of the rapidly growing pastime of lighted villages & quality keepsakes.

Find a house, accessory or figurine that is just right for your village.
Perhaps you’ll discover a delightful surprise!  

Our Enchanted Earth Fairies have hand picked a brand new selection of unusual Lemax Spooky town, Countryside Village and Christmas Village items just for you!
All our Lemax items are perfect for use in Fairy & Miniature gardens & seasonal displays.

Spooky town :
As ghosts and ghouls start to awaken from their summer slumbers, we’re excited to unveil our newest 2023 additions to the Spooky Town Lemax village collection.
This new range is the perfect way to decorate for trick-or-treaters, or to terrify your guests at this year’s Halloween party.
From haunted mansions, to creepy cemeteries, this year’s new collectibles will make your Halloween village as bone-chilling as ever.
Discover the latest and ghastliest additions to the Spooky Town village collection here.

Christmas Village :
It's vivid buildings and delightful figurines capture the true spirit of the holiday season!
All items are hand painted 
The world of Lemax, allows you to recapture the delight and wonder of each season with wonderful childhood memories.

We are sure you will just love our unusual brand new range.
Many items are complete with movement, lights & sounds too!

We offer :
FREE UK shipping on every order over £30
FREE Loyalty points on every item!


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