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Ouija Board - Barpque Style Spirt Board.
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Ouija Board - Baroque Style Spirt Board

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Vintage style traditional Spirit Board.

Spirit boards have long been one of the most powerful occult tools there is.

Now you can contact other realms with ease with our new spirit board.

Bordered with intricate baroque designs, the board is sepia-tinged and has the alphabet marked out in an arc, as well as the numbers 0 to 9, the words YES, NO and GOODBYE, and a warning to use with caution – the power of the spirit world is not something to take lightly.

Made from wood with a plastic planchette, this spirit board is a fantastic tool for any occult practitioner.

It uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic called a planchette.
Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words.

"Ouija" is often used to refer to any talking board.
Players take turns asking questions and then "wait to see what the planchette spells out" for them.

Way back in 1890 the Ouija board was a parlor game unrelated to the occult until it was popularized its use as a divining tool during world war one.

Spiritualists believed that the dead were able to contact the living and reportedly used a talking board very similar to a modern Ouija board at their camps in Ohio in 1886 to ostensibly enable faster communication with spirits.


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