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Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling - 50-60cm tall.
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Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling - 50-60cm tall. Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling - 50-60cm tall. Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling - 50-60cm tall.

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Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling - 50-120cm tall



A dense, evergreen tree with beautiful blue needles, which intensify with age.

A strong, central leader gives a good pyramidal form.

Prefers well-drained soil in full sun. 

A true blue Christmas tree with a compact pyramid shape, lovingly grown here in the UK

Grown from a sapling to a mature tree, 'Super Blue' will adorn your garden with its radiant blue foliage and compact pyramid shape.

Great for bringing into your home at Christmas just keep it well watered.

Dropping very little, the needles are of a mint blue shade, and have an almost metallic sheen to them.

Due to this unique foliage, this Blue Spruce is perfect for someone wanting an alternative to the traditional green Christmas tree.

Super Blue also has a distinctive woody scent .

Grown here in 25cm large Eco  pots our tree's are approx 50-70 cm tall

Very attractive classic evergreen, The Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) tree is a beautiful cylindrical pine with blue-green needles. Commonly seen as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens across the UK. The Blue Spruce is a fast growing tree reaching 10ft-15ft in 15 years and it produces attractive pine cones.

The Blue Spruce can be grown in dry, wet, exposed and shady sites. 

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