Plant Based Sweet Shop

Our wonderful range of super tasty vegan sweets.

New ranges will be added here every month.

All tried, tested, hand picked & approved by us!

During 2024 we will be working directly with some unique small independent UK producers and showcasing the best vegan produce they and our great country produces.

All our pick & mix sweets come in a choice of packaging including our brand new our Eco Friendly bags -  NatureFlex bags which is a 100% home compostable & biodegradable film made from cellulose, derived from sustainable wood pulp.FSC approved.

Enchanted Earth is so proud to be a member of The Vegan Traders Union - Our membership number is - 00651

Our business is owned and run by 100% fully committed vegans.

We offer :
FREE Loyalty Points on every item!
FREE UK shipping on all orders over £30