Real Fossil Pendant - Polished Ammonite Pendant with Adjustable Black neck cord.

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A real Fossil  Ammonite Pendant.

A unique item just for you, its a necklace featuring a real cut & polished Ammonite.

Ammonites are perhaps the most widely know fossil, beautiful ribbed spiral shells.
These creatures lived in the seas millions of years ago, when they become extinct along with the dinosaurs.
Genuine ammonites always thrill - these are perfectly priced for children and still loved by adults.

They are great presents for budding collectors, especially when you tell them they are 110 million years old!

The name Ammonite originates from the Greek Ram-Horned God called Ammon.
They belong to a group of pedators know as cephalopods , which include their living relatives octopus, squid & cuttlefish.

Spirituality  Healing with the Ammonite fossil.

In medieval Europe, fossilised ammonites were thought to be petrified coiledsnakes, and were called “snakestones” or “serpentstones” in medieval England.
Hindus believe ammonites to be a concrete manifestation of Vishnu.
They have a strong connection to the Earth and create a symbolic union between mineral & animal kingdoms.
Traditionally used as charms for virility, they can also be used for cleansing dense energies that are filtered through the spirals and released as fresh, positive energy.
They are associated with the Third Eye chakra.

Each one has been cut, polished and had a silver metal hook drilled in to the top to make a beautiful pendant .

Each Pendant will be hand picked and total unique to you!
Price here is per item and  including a free clear plastic gift box .
Approx sizes :3.5cm to 4.5cm by  3cm to 4cm with a 28cm adjustable black necklace cord.
Clear display/Gift box is 8cm by 5.5cm by 3.5cm.

Please Note:
Being a natural organic item the sizes do vary, so if you would like our smallest, largest or a most unusual shape then just put a note in the "message box" when you place your order or email or call first.


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